The only measurable Alkaline/Antioxidant water on the market!

New Double-blind study may show that “Electrolyzed Reduced Water, or ERW (Travel Water is a stabilized ERW), has been suggested to reduce oxidative stress” in the body, as well as “improve antioxidant potential.”

60 Day Challenges

Are you Hydrated?

There’s a direct link between hydration and health.


1. Understand the importance of hydrated cells

2. Measure your current hydration level

3. Hydrate effectively

1. Understand Importance of Hydration

Watch this short video on the importance of intra-cellular hydration and how it affects your overall health.

2. Measure your current hydration level

* Measure your urine discharge with an ORP Meter (available thru Amazon).

* Test whether your urine is positively or negatively charged (ORP or oxidation reduction potential).

* Try to achieve an ORP reading of -225mv to ensure proper hydration that will keep your cells hydrated.


3. Hydrate effectively and remeasure

Extreme intra-cellular hydration to promote healthy cells thereby boosting your body’s ability to heal.

Change Your Life

Alkaline Ionized Water History And Medical Approval

Electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) is the most common term in the scientific literature. ERW has an alkaline pH (8-10) and contains molecular hydrogen.1Water ionizers were invented in the early 1900’s. Research on electrolyzed water started around 1931 in Japan where it gained popularity in the 1950’s. Around this time, the water was touted as having “healing effects” and was called “shin’nooru solution” or “synnohl liquid”. In 1962, separate water ionizer companies (one from Nagano Prefecture and the other from Kyoto Prefecture) brought the electrolytic apparatus to the Cabinet Welfare Bureau (equivalent to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare [JMHLW]) and applied to manufacture the apparatus as a medical device.

Drink Healing Water


Re-new Your Body Naturally

Use Travel Water for 60 days and enjoy better hydration and a healthier lifestyle.
We stand by our product and provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.
We proudly offer a 60 day money back guarantee.


Drinking my water with these drops made all the difference. I find my energy and endurance are enhanced by this simple solution. I will be using Travel Water every time I ride.

Christopher T. Doktor, Ipswich MA, Avid Cyclist and Architect

After using the drops, I reduced my intake of chemical pills to every other day. The lower dosage and use of natural medicine has not only lowered my blood sugar level, but also strengthened my whole body.*

Lucy W., Maryland, Diabetic


Drinking Travel Water prevents your body from sickness and disease by boosting your immune system.

It’s simply the best water in this world.

Change Your Life

PH Scale

Healing Spa Water

Healing Water

Otherwise known as the “Nordenau Phenomenon,” the Travel Water Healing Spa Water contains the same healing properties of the waters of Nordenau in Germany, Pamukkale in Turkey, Yankalilla in Australia, and Tlacote in Mexico.

We’ve put Healing Spa Water to the test and found that it detoxifies the body and provides relief for debilitating back problems, high blood pressure, and arthritis. What’s more, it promotes clear skin and gives you a natural, healthy glow.* Before taking a costly trip to visit the Miracle Spas, why not give Travel Water Healing Spa Water a try?

Buy Healing Spa Water

3 Easy Steps to Detoxify Your Body


Enjoy Healing Spa Water right in the comfort of your own home.

Detoxify, Heal, Invigorate

Clinton’s Ode to Alkaline Rich Diets

The health benefits of consuming food and beverages that contain rich Alkaline properties offset the acidity that we expose our bodies to through stress, pollution, and acid-rich foods.

Neutralize Acid Reflux & GERD




If you’ve got acid reflux, chances are the food and drinks you enjoy are high in acidity. Luckily, it’s an easy fix with Travel Water Acid Relief drops. Just add them to your food and drinks to neutralize the acidity that triggers your symptoms.*


Travel Water drops have completely lowered symptoms of my acid reflux. For years, I’ve struggled with heart burn and regurgitation, sometimes even vomiting and bloating. My doctor told me I was more prone to acid reflux eating certain foods, but I didn’t want to sacrifice eating what I wanted.*

Christine R., Hawaii, Acid Reflux

Travel Water Can Improve Your Health

Travel Water, an alkalized ionized water, can have a profound effect on your health and well-being. Being rated at -100+, it scores as one of the highest antioxidant waters available on the market.

Restore Cell Function

How does it work? Travel Water contains stable, electrically charged ionized water that gives ions, binding to oxidants. And lower cell oxidations means healthier cells. Travel Water is a potent antioxidant and adding it to your diet protects your body from deteriorating.

Increase Hydration

When water molecules bring nutrients across cell walls, the cells are hydrated. Travel Water makes this process easier by breaking down water into smaller clusters, allowing for water to pass through cell walls with ease.

Neutralize Acidity

So how does this apply to you? Eighty percent of Americans have overly acidic bodies, leading to an array of ailments, from heartburn to arthritis. With a high pH level, Travel Water neutralizes acidity in your body.

Detoxify Your Body

Free radicals cause cell dysfunction, which leads to health problems. Because Travel Water carries a negative electrical charge, they absorb free radicals and stop cell dysfunction.

Use Travel Water for 60 days and enjoy better hydration and a healthier lifestyle.
We stand by our product and provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.
We proudly offer a 60 day money back guarantee.