Constipation Relief with Alkaline Water

When I first started this blog, I wanted to let people know how ionized water had helped me with my arthritis and acid reflux and so many others with cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, eczema, weight loss and so on.

I have been writing a lot lately about other important issues such as contaminants, bottled water, and reverse osmosis, and about the marketing deception in the water ionizer industry.

I want to get back to talking about specific illnesses and how the water helps. While the other issues I have been writing about are important, the primary reason that people investigate Alkaline Waterr is because they want to know if the water can help them. Some day, I hope that everyone will be drinking ionized water so that I don’t have to write anymore about how the water can help cure or dramatically improve various problems.

Nobody talks about constipation. Even discussing the subject with your doctor or pharmacist seems to be embarrassing for many. You never hear people having a conversation about constipation because… well… people just don’t talk about it. But it is real and it can be painful and it affects far more people than you would think.

Wikipedia provides a quick and simple analysis: “Causes of colonic slow transit constipation include diet, hormones, side effects of medications, and heavy metal toxicity. ”

Wikipedia once again sums it up well: dietary habits, laxatives, enemas, biofeedback, and surgery. What Wikipedia fails to mention is that ionized water also can be found to be effective.

Our story:
I’m grateful that I don’t suffer from constipation. However, my wife Mary has had the misfortune of battling constipation for as long as she can remember. When we are at home, and in our comfort zone, she can somewhat control her constipation for the most part but it is an ongoing struggle. Even though my wife eats a lot better than I do, constipation and bloating had plagued her life before we started drinking ionized water.

When we started drinking the water, the results for me were rapid and dramatic because I have a very poor diet. My 15 year struggle with acid reflux reduced dramatically in about one week and virtually stopped permanently in a couple of months. My painful battle with arthritis ended in resounding success within a month of starting to drink the water. My wife eats well and she didn’t notice anything for the longest time after we started drinking the water. One day, I mentioned that she never seemed to complain about constipation anymore. She looked at me in her funny way and said “you are right”. Now how often do you hear that statement from your spouse?

It took five or six months until we realized that her lifelong ordeal with constipation was over. We are not talking about something as dramatic as curing cancer, but if you live with constipation, this is a big deal.

Every time Mary stops drinking Alkaline water for a few days, such as when we are on a trip, her constipation comes back. As soon as she starts drinking Alkaline water again, her constipation goes away. It is easy to eliminate heavy metal toxicity, medications, and hormonal changes from the equation, which leaves diet. Most people don’t consider water to be part of their diet, but they should as water plays a huge role in your health.

Other stories:

When I was in the water ionizer business, I spoke to hundreds and hundreds of people who called in to learn about water ionizers. People wanted to know if the water would help their health issues. I can fully understand how it would be easy to take advantage of people. I always stated that I was not a physician and that people should always consult their health care practitioner with health issues. Everyone in the water ionizer industry should do the same.

I was always amazed what people would tell me. I suppose it is easier to talk to a stranger than someone you know. One of the things that surprised me was how many women suffer from constipation. Constipation is not limited to women, but I found that it is a health issue that is definitely much more predominant in women. The diet’s of men and women are not likely to be exactly the same, but they would likely be similar in married couples. Given that the women were much more susceptible to constipation that their husbands, I have to agree with the information on Wikipedia that hormones play a role.

When people with constipation would purchase a water ionizer from me, I would always ask them to let me know if they had any success. I can’t be certain of the statistical impact that drinking Alkaline water had on the people who started drinking the water. However, I can tell you that I did have a number of calls from people telling me that they did achieve success after drinking the water for awhile.

I don’t believe that drinking Alkaline water should ever take the place of eating a healthy diet. At the same time, I believe Alkaline water can play a significant role in improving one’s diet.

You might want to check out the following link about a recent Japanes study about the test findings of Alkaline water on constipation: The article deals with Clinical Test Results that were presented at the 25th General Assembly of Japan Medical Congress. The tests verified in a double blind study that Alkline Ionized water is effective against constipation and diarrhea. Over 80% of the participants in the study found that Alkaline water was effective with constipation.

This article is not intended as medical advice. If you have medical issues, consult your health care provider. The opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

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