60 Day Challenge to Improved Health


The 60 day challenge consists of 12 Bottles of Travel Water and a digital ORP Meter. Drink Travel Water for 60 days and monitor your body's increase in Antioxidants and Alkalinity by testing your urine using the ORP Meter. Follow Travel Water's official guide to extreme hydration and feel the benefits of a hydrated body!

The 60 Day Challenge Pack includes:
12 Bottles of Travel Water
1 Oxidation Reduction Potential Meter

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Use Travel Water Extreme Hydration drops for 60 days to detoxify and energize the natural way. In 60 days, we guarantee that you’ll feel healthier, have more stamina, and enjoy the hydrating properties of Travel Water. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your product, we’ll gladly refund your purchase.

Think of it this way: our bodies are primarily made up of water. When you add Travel Water drops to your beverages, you ensure that your water contains stable high pH and antioxidant properties.

Start taking control of your health and take the best water in the planet anywhere you go!


Fight the aging process
Flushes out the deadly toxins

Improved Mental Clarity
Tackle the day with more focus

Increased Energy
An energy boost without the calories

More Stamina
Perfect for those weekend warriors

Better Sleep
Nothing beats a good nights rest

Reduces Joint & Muscle Pain
Less pain, more gain
Assists in Weight Loss
Replace your drinks with alkaline water for the best results

Boosts Immune System
Less frequent colds and flus

Improved Digestion
Perfect for those suffering from constipation

Improved Appearance of Skin & Hair
you would be surprise what proper hydration could do

Reduces Lactic Acid
Less muscle cramps means better workouts
Super Hydration without the Bloating
Now you could drink more water

Increased Absorption Efficiency of Nutrients
If you take vitamins, this will help make them more effective

Improved Taste & Purity
It’s how water was intended to taste

“I am a retired pediatrician living in New York City and Cambridge, MA. My husband, Amador, a fellow at Harvard University, has been battling diabetes for decades now, with his blood sugar count above 200. We were introduced to travel water five months ago, and from then on, I have been using it religiously in everything we consume, from water, to tea, to juice, to our food. We love putting drops in our food not only to make sure it’s anti oxidant, but also to keep it bacteria free.

Today, after five months of using Travel Water drops, my husband has taken less medical (chemical) pills, reducing metformin and glimepiride to taking once a day. In the very near future, I forsee that I can totally eradicate my husband’s medical pill usage. Now, his blood sugar count has been reduced to mid 100 levels.

I am very against medical (chemical) pills because they are hazardous and destroy the vital organs in the body. Now that I see that Travel Water drops have changed our lives, I’ve recommended them to my family and friends, who have seen similar results!” — Doctor Gloria M., New York/Cambridge MA, Pediatrician

Professional athletes know the benefits of proper hydration. Some of Travel Water’s biggest fans are professional athletes who have experienced firsthand the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

1. Faster Recovery Professional athletes like Derek Lee, of the Baltimore Orioles drinks alkaline water to recover faster from workouts. The two time All Star player says: “I have more energy and focus and I feel more hydrated”

2. Improved Athletic Performance Eleven-year NFL Veteran Running Back & Super Bowl Champion Femi Ayanbadejo credits alkaline water with giving him more energy and endurance: “The immediate thing I noticed [is that] I have a lot more energy and a lot more endurance.”

3. Better Hydration Dotsie Bausch, professional cyclist, is a five time National Champion & Former World Record Holder. She had a hydration saturation test performed to measure the results after she began drinking alkaline water: “Drinking alkaline water over the past month has greatly increased my hydration at the cellular level.”

4. Joint Health Joel Purma played football as a linebacker for Colorado State for 4 years. He became a firefighter after graduating college. He cites problems with arthritis in his knees as his reason for drinking alkaline water: “I suffered from arthritis in my knees and ankles. However, I noticed that drinking alkaline water alleviated my arthritis, and improved my digestion”

5. Prevent Cramping Kirk Bausch a member of the Amgen Cycling Team turned to alkaline water after he began to suffer from cramping during long road races. He credits his alkaline water from Life Ionizers for alleviating his debilitating cramping: “shortly after using the Life Ionizer my cramping has dramatically decreased”
Competitive, elite athletes and sports trainers know that subtle changes in pH can have profound effects on the overall health, feeling of wellness, level of fatigue, pain, weight, ability to train and athletic performance. Muscles work best in a narrow range of Ph. At rest, muscle pH is about 6.9, while arterial blood is about 7.4.

When we exercise, the increased use of muscle glycogen for energy produces lactic acid, pyruvic acid, and CO2, which decreases muscle pH. The harder you exercise the quicker your muscles become acidic which leads to fatigue. Accumulation of acid also limits the production of ATP, the energy molecule, and disrupts enzyme activity that produces energy.

For example, the enzyme phosphofructokinase is the rate-limiting step in muscle use of glycogen. When muscle pH falls below 6.5 it stops working altogether. Acidity also reduces muscle power directly by inhibiting the contractile action of muscle fibers.

“Endurance and elite sports athletes should be concerned about maintaining a healthy pH balance,” says Robert Burns, PhD. He notes that lactic acid build-up or hydrogen ion excess is of most concern. As the body metabolizes food, acid waste is created which must be removed or neutralized through the lungs, kidneys (urine) and skin. “pH balance and acid buffering are crucial to human health and slowing the aging process,” he explains. Athletes, coaches and practitioners of holistic and traditional medicine are paying more attention to this area. “We may be able to buffer or slow the negative effects that acidosis has on athletes as well as the many disparate maladies that share acidosis as a common thread,” he concludes.

The use of alkaline water is proving to increase competitiveness and overall performance in world class athletes. A diet that supports alkalinity is also recommended by sports nutritionists. Consuming alkaline water will reduce the accumulation of acidity in exercising muscles, improving workout intensity and recovery time. Former Denver Bronco, Bill Romanowski, was introduced to the power of ‘ionized’ water late in his career doing anything legal to maintain his competitive edge.

Competitive bodybuilder, Wade McNutt, credits the use of alkaline water for motivating him to come out of retirement. He says he has increased his training volume by 2.5 times with decreased recovery time and no muscle soreness. In his opinion, all sports teams should be drinking alkaline water because it will reduce injuries and allow for more efficient training.

In her book, The Chemistry of Success: Secrets of Peak Performance, Susan Lark, MD, talks about the role of acid/alkaline balance in peak performance and health. The following is her assessment of alkaline water:

“The benefits of the alkaline water created through electrolysis far exceed just its ability to gently raise the pH of the cells and tissues of the body and to neutralize acids. Because the alkaline water has gained a significant number of free electrons through the electrolysis process, it is able to donate these electrons to active oxygen free radicals in the body, thereby becoming a super antioxidant. By donating its excess free electrons, alkaline water is able to block the oxidation of normal tissue by free oxygen radicals.”

She continues by noting that another significant benefit of the electrolysis process is that the cluster size of the alkaline water is reduced by about 50% from the cluster size of tap water. “This allows ionized alkaline water to be much more readily absorbed by the body, thereby increasing the water’s hydrating ability and its ability to carry its negative ions and alkalizing effect to all the cells and tissues of the body.”

“If you are overly acidic an alkaline water device can provide a safe, gentle and effective way of restoring the pH balance of all the cells in your body as well as providing excess free electrons to act as super antioxidants,” Lark recommends.

Most people, including most athletes, do not consume enough alkaline rich foods, such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Instead their diets contain high amounts of acid forming foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy. Because of this dietary imbalance, they may be at risk for increased acidosis that affects overall health and sports performance. Since proper hydration is also a key factor in preventing exercise fatigue, consuming alkaline water before, during and after exercise can help.

“Travel Water drops is an amazing product! It gives me so much more energy and clarity throughout the day. I have increased my number of repetitions in my work out regimen and a great reduction on my muscle soreness every time I add Travel Water drops to my drinking water. I have endorsed it to my friends and fellow gym mates!” — James Aiello, Boston

100% Money back guarantee. No questions asked.
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All Natural and Chemical Free.
Ingredients: Ionized Water, Magnesium, Potassium


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