From the Heart Column ABS-CBN: You only live once

We won’t live forever. So we might as well live well. One key way to joy is to be healthy. So let me share with you what I am currently doing now.

Wherever I go I bring Travel Water. I add drops to my drinking water. It makes the water alkaline. It also has a cleansing effect on the water. You can put it in wine, soup… anything liquid. You can even put it in food. My sister said when she puts it in drinks she doesn’t get a hangover the next day. The recommended dosage is 40 drops a day. I noticed I pass out a lot more water when I go to the bathroom. Clean water is so vital to health. These drops ensure that wherever I go, what I am putting in my system is healthy. It has an effect on my energy level. So I have a water bottle in which I put these drops and a packet of enzymes that I take throughout the day. Happy, healthy living!

Regina Lopez, ABS-CBN



I am an avid cyclist. I love to bike long distances and remain well hydrated to maintain endurance and energy. There are many products on the market that have chemicals, sugar and colors. I wanted to find a solution that was not processed, yet effective for hydration while cycling. I tried Travel Water and was pleasantly surprised at what a difference just a few drops in my bottled water made.
Drinking my water with these drops made all the difference. I find my energy and endurance are enhanced by this simple solution. I will be using Travel Water every time I ride. — Christopher T. Doktor, Ipswich MA, Avid Cyclist and Architect



I was suffering with diabetes for years now, and I struggled to keep my blood sugar level low. Worst of all, I had to sacrifice what I wanted to eat because of it! To keep it down, I had to take pills twice a day, one in the morning, and one at night.
My friend from New York City introduced me to Travel Water drops, which I use in my meals and drinks. Using 60 drops a day, I’ve lowered my blood sugar level down to 330. After five weeks, it was down to 200, and in seven weeks, it’s now down to 180! It was an easy alternative to taking pills, plus I could eat and drink what I want!
Easy solution to a life-threatening problem! — Alice P., New York, Diabetic



What I hated the most about having diabetes were taking chemical pills. I wanted to find an alternative, holistic way to prevent my rising blood level, rather than cure it. That’s how I found Travel Water – I complained to my friend who suggested it to me.
After using the drops, I reduced my intake of chemical pills to every other day. The lower dosage and use of natural medicine has not only lowered my blood sugar level, but also strengthened my whole body. — Lucy W., Maryland, Diabetic



Travel Water drops have completely lowered symptoms of my acid reflux. For years, I’ve struggled with heart burn and regurgitation, sometimes even vomiting and bloating. My doctor told me I was more prone to acid reflux eating certain foods, but I didn’t want to sacrifice eating what I wanted.
I tried using over the counter medications, like antacid tablets, but it got to be too much of a hassle to carry around and pay for. I tried Travel Water, as suggested by one of my friends, and I couldn’t believe how quickly it made a difference!
Travel Water drops are easy to carry, easy to use, and a perfect additive! — Christine R., Hawaii, Acid Reflux



I’ve had chronic lower back pains for years now, and it hasn’t made a difference until I’ve been growing older lately. The pain has started to take a toll on my life, and even sleeping has become difficult for me. I started using Travel Water drops, but I was skeptical because I had not found a good treatment over the years.
After two weeks of using the drops in all of my drinks, I’ve noticed significantly less pain and a better nights sleep, exactly what I wanted! — Paul D., Chicago, Chronic Back Pain



Travel Water drops is an amazing product! It gives me so much more energy and clarity throughout the day. I have increased my number of repetitions in my work out regimen and a great reduction on my muscle soreness every time I add Travel Water drops to my drinking water. I have endorsed it to my friends and fellow gym mates! — James Aiello, Boston, Avid Weight-lifter



I am a retired pediatrician living in New York City and Cambridge, MA. My husband, Amador, a fellow at Harvard UNiversity, has been battling diabetes for decades now, with his blood sugar count above 200. We were introduced to travel water five months ago, and from then on, I have been using it religiously in everything we consume, from water, to tea, to juice, to our food. We love putting drops in our food not only to make sure it’s anti oxidant, but also to keep it bacteria free. Today, after five months of using Travel Water drops, my husband has taken less medical (chemical) pills, reducing metformin and glimepiride to taking once a day. In the very near future, I foresee that I can totally eradicate my husband’s medical pill usage. Now, his blood sugar count has been reduced to mid 100 levels. I am very against medical( chemica)l pills because they are hazardous and destroy the vital organs in the body. Now that I see that Travel Water drops have changed our lives, I’ve recommended them to my family and friends, who have seen similar results! — Doctor Gloria Muriel, New York/Cambridge MA, Pediatrician


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