The Fountain of Youth: Alkaline and Antioxidant Water

The aging process begins with dehydration.
Much to our detriment, the older we get, the less water we drink. It happens for years without our awareness.

Dr. Robert Young spoke passionately about how important it was for everyone to start drinking alkaline water–even if you’re still eating acidic foods. The key to a long, healthy life, he said, was to maintain the integrity of our internal bodily fluids with alkaline water.

Ask yourself, are you thirsty right now?
If you’re over 30 years of age, probably not so much. That’s because your body’s sensation of “feeling thirsty” has started to diminish already; and it will continue to diminish the older you get. By the time you reach the age of 50, you’ll become part of a majority who suffer, sometimes unknowingly, from symptoms caused by dehydration or chronic dehydration.

When you were born, you were 90% water and 10% matter. You just have to look at a baby to know this is true. The touch of the skin feels supple, soft and pliable. This is because the skin is hydrated. Somewhere between birth and death, we become dehydrated.

As you age, your hydration will fall to about 70% water and 30% matter. When you’re dead, you’ll be approximately 50% water. In reality, it might be fair to say most people die of dehydration.

As you drink less and less water, there is a corresponding loss of water volume held inside the cells of your body. The ratio of the volume of body water inside the cells to that outside the cells can slip from a healthy 1.1 to almost 0.8. This change in hydration decreases your desire for a drink of water. You stop feeling thirsty.

But just because you don’t feel thirsty, does not mean you’re not. The less water your body receives, the more it adapts to it. Over time, it goes into a masking phenomenon that allows the body to continue functioning even if it’s dehydrated.

What choice does your body have? It carries on, doing the best it can to process all the acid-forming foods we eat and the acidic beverages we drink. It all adds to declining health and vitality. Acid overload builds up and in turn eats away at the bone-building minerals our body need to buffer internal acids.

As an adult male or female, you contain approximately 43 to 45 litres of water. These waters need to be filtered and eliminated and replenished daily. But if the quantity and quality of the water deteriorates, so too does your body’s ability to function optimally. It is then that you may start to experience the symptoms of dehydration and dis-ease. You’ll start to look older, feel less vibrant. The more your body dehydrates, the more it compromises the health-affirming alkaline fluids in your body.

It doesn’t matter what foods you eat, all of it will produce acidic waste products that your body does not get rid of 100%. As waste builds up within our body, it becomes solids that accelerate weight gain, illness and the degeneration of how we look and feel.

Our cells can only stay as healthy as the fluids in which they are bathed. The secret to the fountain of youth is to eat alkaline foods and drink alkaline water to help you maintain a constant internal alkaline environment.

Here are 3 effective ways to improve the alkalinity of your body right now:

* Eat more alkaline foods, preferably raw

* Calculate how much water you need to drink each day to stay sufficiently hydrated

* Hydrate often with appropriate amount of Travel Water which falls within the 8.5 – 10 pH alkalinity range.

When hydrating your body with Travel Water becomes an automated part of your daily life, it is your secret to the Fountain of Youth. It is easier than you think.

Try Travel Water and change your life
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